I tak může dopadnout focení

It was a really nice day outside recently, and a client had invited me to a nice lunch in a very nice hotel. I had a short skirt, high-heels, elegant top- very nice for the occasion.

Just before lunch, another client called (hockey player) and asked if I had time to do a nude photo-shoot outside. That he needed a but of adrenalin :) I said I really wasn't dressed for it, but he was only in Czech a few days and it was a nice day and he would be nice to shoot... Soooo I said yes :)

We went to a forest where he knew was a good spot by a Chata. We had to walk a long time into the forest (and me with my high-heels). We found it, but there was a brick-wall. "Jump over." he said. "You're crazy," I said in my mini-skirt and heels.

So then was a comical negotiation... Finally I jumped on his back and Mr. Hockeyman carried me over, which must have looked even more comical..

We started to shoot, and after a while we heard funny noises. Was someone watching? No it was.. breathing... VERY LOUD. Then out of the bushes very large wild pig was looking at us...

Then was a scene perfect for a movie: Naked hockeyman and elegantly dressed photographer running for their lives... I still don't know how he got me back over the brick wall... :)

The pictures weren't as good as the story, but it turned out to be the adrenalin experience he was looking for :)

15.09.2010 11:36:13 | stálý odkaz

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